Author - Edgar Perez

On a mission to take Artificial Intelligence from 1000s of organizations to millions… today

According to Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow at Google, no more than a few thousand companies today have the right talent for building Artificial Intelligence, but many more have the necessary data. Based on the feedback I receive in my presentations across all continents, I am persuaded the urgent goal today is to take A.I. from thousands of organizations solving deep learning problems to millions, as soon as possible.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence cannot be underestimated. Millions of jobs will be radically transformed across hundreds of thousands companies around the world. Tasks that still require a heavy human component will be automated, leaving former employees with few options: upgrade your skills or go unemployed. For those who decide to acquire new skills, the sudden increase in productivity will bring a new wave of opportunities that will create jobs we can’t even imagine as of today. (more…)